If it weren’t for intellectual property protection, NIKE® would still be just two guys selling shoes out of the back of a car at local running tracks.

We provide personal, cost-effective and strategic attention to detail in conducting clearance searches, pursuing registration and helping to enforce & maintain rights in your ideas.

Our goal is to give your ideas the broadest protection so you can make money from them.

Own Your Idea!

Pillar IP, Inc. is a unique intellectual property agency specializing in developing business relationships and portfolio management. With a primary focus on IP clearance, prosecution, protection and enforcement, Pillar IP, Inc. also offers value-added services.

Pillar IP, Inc. stays up to date on current IP issues to ensure that the knowledge gained is used to provide our clients with update-to-date seamless prosecution and portfolio management. We offer our clients big firm/agency experience and expertise in a more personal and cost effective manner.

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Pillar IP is proud to sponsor excellence; particularly when excellence resides locally!  We believe in giving back to our community and helping amateur athletes reach their desired goals; be they Olympic dreams or otherwise.  We have a number of local/national charities that we support and we’re so proud to be supporting Michael Tayler in his decision to continue training for the Canadian 2020 Olympic Team!


Pillar IP, Inc.

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